What is a client area on M2M Express website?

Client area is your personal online area on M2M Express website that contains information about all of your SIM cards.

Every client gains access to the personal area after signing a contract with our company.

While being logged in, you will be able to do such things as:

  • get data & SMS usage reports for all of your SIM cards
  • get an expenses report with information about a single SIM card or a whole group of them⠀

Apart from checking the balance of your SIM cards, you can also perform a variety of useful manipulations with them:⠀

  • Activation/deactivation
  • Resetting
  • sending SMS commands to any of your SIM cards directly from the website⠀

Thorough integration of our database into the client area allows our customers increase work productivity with the help of M2M Express multicarrier SIM cards.

You if still don’t have access to your client area, ask your personal sales representative or contact our Customer Support on +7 499 55 30 888, info@m2mexpress.ru

Our highly professional team is going to walk you through the functionality of the client area and help you get the required reports.

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