Advance Telematics Solutions case

Advance Telematics Solutions is a telemetrics company specialized in fleet tracking located in United Arab Emirates.

They’ve been providing their services for the past 7 years not only on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, but in other countries situated along the coast of the Persian Gulf as well. The amount of devices being tracked reaches 4000 units at the same time.

Not a single mobile telecommunications operator could offer them a service that could satisfy their business needs of uninterrupted international network connection for their fleet tracking solutions.

With a help of M2M Express multicarrier SIM card they could perform a free test of our service in different countries with a variety of their devices.

Our connectivity was the key part to the fulfillment of the Advance Telematics Solutions needs.

Multicarrier M2M Express SIM cards are able to connect to several operators in every single country of the Persian Gulf while the law of the local Permanent Roaming in a not a hindrance to them.

Thank you, Advance Telematics Solutions for your trust in M2M Express. We wish you a continuous  growth.

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