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Total amount of M2M devices is now over 20 billion worldwide!
And yearly this amount increases in 2 times

M2M devices - equipment that share data between each other
For example: a GPS tracker in a car transfers data on its location to server.

Number of M2M devices connected to the internet will pass the amount of computers and smartphones by 2020.

Devices require M2M Express simcards so they can share data between each other.

By 2020 number of M2M devices will get to the ’30 billion’ mark

Why is it a bargain to have business in M2M field?

  • Lifespan of an M2M simcard is only limited by a lifespan of a device - 3 to 10 years
  • Possibility to get monthly subscription fee
  • Constant client's growth Amount of devices of each client increases in 2 times yearly on average

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